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Tree Clearances for Boundary Maintenance…


  Tree Clearances for Boundary Maintenance…   Here at BTAC, we do a lot of boundary maintenance work for both agricultural customers and private homeowners. I will often be talking to someone about fence repairs, ditches or clearing shrubs and hedges. One of the trickier aspects of boundary maintenance involves trees. This is because trees...
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Five Types of Excavation


Five Types of Excavation   I get asked a lot about BTAC’s excavation services these days. Especially during the winter, the groundworks part of the business is often very busy. Typically, we’ll be asked to clear sites prior to a change of use. Often, this will mean digging the trenches needed for new foundations and...
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Dangerous Septic Tanks!


Dangerous Septic Tanks!   In rural communities, like many of those we work in, there are more septic tanks than you would find in the average town. This is usually because it would not be economical for the water company responsible for sewerage in a particular location to install a mains sewer. As such, it...
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August Blog – Lammas Day ‘High Summer and First Harvest’


August Blog – Lammas Day ‘High Summer and First Harvest’ Traditionally, Lammas Day falls on the first of August. It is principally a Christian festival that is celebrated in the northern hemisphere to mark the high point of summer and the oncoming harvest. However, Lammas Day also has pagan roots. Known to pagans as Lughnasa,...
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