Celebrating Eight Years of BTAC!


Celebrating Eight Years of BTAC!


In the rush of the last few months – with all of the new customers we’ve taken on, the demands of our existing clients and the needs of our own staff – it almost escaped me – BTAC turns eight years old this month!


Happy Birthday

All I can say is, “Wow! How time flies!” It is no understatement to say that these past eight years have truly flown by and what a pleasure it has been to build the business from nothing to where we are today. I’m proud of our achievements in that time, but I’d also like to thank those around me have helped and supported me.


Happy Birthday

Looking back, getting the award for the Melton Times Best New Business of the Year 2014 was the first highlight that told me we were doing the right thing. Not only did this mean a lot but also being acknowledged as a serious company it also gave me a sense of validation, that this was the right move for me, from a farm hand to a business owner. The award was a massive boost to my self-confidence and we haven’t looked back since.


If you have never been self-employed you may not think about it, the impact of such a small acknowledgement in those early days. For me, though, it was a big part of how we turned a small enterprise, a one-man band; tractor and me, in the early days, into what it is now, employing staff and making a difference to our local area.


I remember, early on, in South Croxton when BTAC was given one of its first big opportunities. I was approached by one of the bigger farms in this part of the world –– to cut back all their hedges. These hadn’t been maintained for a while, so I knew my reputation would depend on getting a good job done.  And we did!  Word-of-mouth recommendations still count for a great deal of our work as opposed to hard sell advertising.  That’s a key part of our success now as was then.


Since then, we’ve continued to grow and expand, to now include Groundworks and Equestrian, not least during the lockdown period when interest in the business soared. I’m proud of where we are today, eight years on, but I also have an eye for the future. There’s more to come from BTAC, whether it is expanding the land clearance part of the business or dealing with more small forestry jobs. I’m always up for a new challenge. I guess that’s why I started this ball rolling all those years ago!


Many thanks to all who have support me and Rachel through the years.


Happy Anniversary to BTAC!



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