June – The Month of Midsummer


June – The Month of Midsummer

BTAC MidsummerAt BTAC, me and the team are busy throughout the year with the turning of each season. If our agricultural contracting work ever relents, then this is when our groundswork side of the business tends to pick up. That said, it is in the month of June that I tend to notice that we are preparing for our busiest period. This is because following midsummer, we will often be in demand for virtually every type of work we undertake since landowners – and working farmers, in particular – require extra help to get them through their most active months.


summer solstice This year, the summer solstice will officially occur at precisely 4:31 am on Monday 21st June. Although, astrologically speaking, the summer solstice is when the Northern hemisphere has tipped as close to the sun as it will go, it is used in the calendar to denote the official start of summer, not its midway point. This is because although the nights start to draw in from this date, the days are generally warmer with finer weather as the land mass soaks up more and more of the sun’s energy.


Ancient Britons Ancient Britons understood the significance of this time very well. Not only did it mark a high point with respect to the heavens, which is presumably why pagans devoted religious festivals to the solstice, but it meant making  practical preparations, too. Following the summer solstice, many crops mature and the whole community would have been getting ready for harvesting them. In rural communities, most people still understand this basic effect of nature and how it affects people and their work even today. Therefore, I always associate the midsummer period with something very old indeed – the idea that it means a busy few months are ahead.


For livestock farmers, June and early July will mean shearing sheep, treating animals for worms and other ailments as well as removing horns from some breeds of calf. Of course, this can mean that extra manpower might be needed on other parts of the farm to keep it going, something that the team at BTAC can help out with for a day or two or for much longer stretches, when needed. Silaging, haymaking and irrigating ground crops – such as potatoes, for example – all need to carry on. Our agricultural contactors can undertake these sorts of tasks so you are not behind when it comes to harvest time.


Another important aspect of the work we do in the midsummer period is dealing with hard ground. Groundworks that are needed in June and the following months will often mean breaking earth that is bone dry and even harder than concrete in many cases. That’s when our specialist machinery and powerful excavation equipment can make light of such work, often getting it done in a fraction of the time than would be possible without it. Booking us to do this sort of work can usually be sorted out with a brief discussion over the phone about exactly what you need. Do bear in mind, though, just how in-demand our services are at this time so don’t put off calling us. Why not have a chat with me today on 07710 780943 even before we get to the longest day of the year so you are fully prepared.


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