Is the Autumn Only About Preparing For Winter?


Is the Autumn Only About Preparing For Winter?


Although it can seem like it for many of the people we deal with in the agricultural sector, the autumn months are much more than making preparations for the onset of winter. That said, there are, of course, some key tasks that need to be started from as early as the start of October to ensure that land is readied for the colder weather to come.
Autumnal Farm Work If you work in farming, then it is highly likely, for instance, that at this time of year, you will be thinking about ploughing for later general cultivation – maybe winter wheat or oilseed rape? As the late summer passes into a more authentic autumnal phase, usually after the Equinox, then livestock will probably have to be moved, perhaps to lower ground or into barns. By mid-October, many sheep farmers will also be getting on with the job of dipping their ewes to ready them for the forthcoming mating season. This means that the autumn is rarely a time of rest on many farms. In the East Midlands, we are often called upon by farmers who simply don’t have the manpower to get everything done and I’m sure we could help your farm in this way, too. For example, we do a lot of topping work at this time of year for our agricultural customers. Not only does this prevent unwanted seeds from forming in next year’s crops but it means that weeds are suppressed, readying the land for the new growing season. Another typical job that we will take on for farmers in the region is dealing with their ditches for them. Over the course of a summer, ditches can fill up with all manner of material from dumped rubbish to excessive growth from nearby hedges. In turn, this will frequently lead to a drainage problem that will only exacerbate when the wet and snowy weather starts from November onward. Therefore, the time to clear your ditches and to get them in good working order once more is before they are needed to drain away water. The trouble facing many farmers – especially those close to BTAC in the counties of Leicestershire and Lincolnshire – is that there are other priority jobs to get done. Farmers in the region often have later than usual harvesting to take care of, after all. Wherever there are late crops of potatoes or sugar beet to bring in, dealing with topping or ditch maintenance can always go on the back burner. The truth is that this will usually mean putting off what ought to be done until next year which could be a false economy. 
See how we can help this Autumn, call me on 01664 900044. 
That’s why I’ve set BTAC up to be ready for the needs of the farming community in the area so they can obtain diligent sub-contractors they need at a fair price. Want to talk to me about hedge cutting, boundary maintenance, tractor hire, topping or ditch works? Call me on 01664 900044 so we can discuss your specific requirements.

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