Hedge Cutting 2020


Hedge Cutting 2020

Hedge Cutting 2020

When July appears on the calendar it means that high summer has arrived at last. Of course, it also means that lots of things will be growing at their maximum rate. In turn, this causes a lot of problems with overgrown hedgerows which might not have been trimmed back for a year or more. July is the best time to start thinking about booking the team at BTAC for our hedge cutting expertise. By the end of August, most nesting birds will have moved on, so we can commence hedge cutting from September onwards unless the hedge in question causes an obstruction or a safety issue in which case within certain derogations it can be done asap.


Nearly all farms in the East Midlands will have hedgerows of some description. After all, they are the most natural way of forming a boundary keeping public rights of way passable through your land. However, left untrimmed, they can steal light and nutrients from nearby crops as well as causing a hazard for horse riders, drivers and pedestrians.
This is where our side-arm flails come in, because it means we can clear a hedge that is overhanging a country lane or a pavement with very little disruption. Our equipment means that we can access places where hedges and ditches might be in close proximity to one another, too. So, if you own or manage agricultural land and would like your hedgerows cut back in such a way that wildlife that might be using it as a habitat are safeguarded, then give me a call to discuss your requirements on 07710 780943.



As agricultural contractors, we do a surprising amount of domestic work. This will involve hedge maintenance more often than not. I often find hedges get too high and they need help to bring them under control. What once afforded them a great deal of privacy from neighbouring properties can soon end up blocking all the sunlight from a once bright garden.
Even if we cannot get our agricultural hedge cutting equipment into your garden, we can cope with even the highest and densest of garden hedges. By tackling the issue of overgrown hedges, you can set yourself up for next summer, not worrying that your hedges will look too bare over winter as they’ll have sufficient time to recover their foliage.

Estate Management

Finally, it is worth mentioning that we also carry out lots of estate management work in Leicestershire and Rutland. If you are not sure that cutting a hedge on your estate would mean violating the Wildlife and Countryside Act, then ask us to offer our advice. Generally speaking, hedges surrounding paddocks and animal pens are trimmed after the summer but we are always happy to offer our professional opinion on the best way to proceed so that nature is properly respected. Remember that we can carry out architectural hedge maintenance, too. This is the sort of thing that encourages future growth in a desired shape or to achieve an unusual shape.

For me information call me on 01664 900044 or visit the website on www.btacagricultural.co.uk.

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