BTAC Update – Essential Work During the Covid-19 Crisis


BTAC Update – Essential Work During the Covid-19 Crisis


Essential work during Covid 19

I appreciate that for many people it is most definitely not business as usual during the social lockdown which has come into force in the UK. This does not mean we are not open for business, however. In fact, as some of our work can be considered essential, it is necessary for some functions to carry on. Nevertheless, i understand that the global pandemic – and the response to it – must be taken seriously and, at BTAC, we take our responsibilities seriously. So, what has been our response?

Working Outside


The government’s advice is to work from home wherever and whenever possible. Therefore, there are plenty of back office functions that go on even in a small, family-run business like ours. So, Sarah our excellent Administration Manager is working from home as is Rachel ‘The Boss’ Thompson. We must give them a big round of applause as both are working whilst also passing with flying colours their second jobs, teaching home schooling. And also, to our lovely accountants, R W Jarvis & Co, who are in the same boat but still working.
Due to the nature of much of our work, getting outside and doing what we do remains very much a part of the plan. Unless and until the government’s advice changes, we are available for outdoor work where contact with others is minimal or, better still, does not occur at all. Where work needs to be discussed before a job is started, then this can be conducted at a safe distance using mobile phones or even with video conferencing, just call me, Brian, on 07710 780943. Then, when we get on with a job, it is carried out individually wherever it is practical to do so – and, in most cases, it will be. Big thanks to Alan, Asher and all our sub-contractors working ad-hoc to get the job done, in this most testing of times. And also our suppliers, who without them we would grind to a halt.

What Work Are We Undertaking?


Of course, some aspects of our work are impractical given the working restrictions that are in place. So, if you want work on an already manned building site where social distancing is not possible, then we will have to do the responsible thing and defer such work. However, land management work is something that can carry on. Indeed, we have been busy with these sorts of jobs over the course of the last few weeks of lockdown due to the sun appearing and we can finally get on the land as the winter has been a particularly wet one. The social restrictions will not last forever and the lost time in land management we have experienced recently will have a big impact later on, especially in areas of agricultural work. Once the restrictions are lifted we expect the Groundworks side to become very super busy, so if you’ve got a project that needs to be discussed call us now on 01664 900044.
In addition, we have been involved with quite a few jobs involving our equestrian work, as most owners need land management work before being able to turn out their horses this Spring. We have a great deal of experience in this area so it is worth knowing that we can help out should your usual labour source be unavailable to you for whatever reason during the crisis.

The Return to Normality?


Overall, i would like thank all of our staff, suppliers, clients, friends, family and fellow business owners for their positive support with the measures we have taken to ensure our people – and yours – remain safe at a difficult time. Hopefully, looking forwards we can soon begin to offer our services in a more usual manner.
That said, we hope you understand why we have made adjustments to our normal operations. After all, as well as value and commitment, our brand also stands for honesty. That’s why we think it is best to be open with you about what we are doing and how we are going about it.
Safely, carefully and responsibly, we are making it work.
Thanks again, see you soon,

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