Things to do now – winter is on its way….



Things to do now – winter is on its way…

As the nights have drawn in and December is nearly upon us, the preparations for Christmas are well underway. We too are planning our Christmas break….Where will we go? Who’s cooking the turkey? What gift to buy the other half? What time is the Boxing day match on? When is the Christmas light switch on? Where have we put that box of Christmas lights from last year – barn, attic, garage??? …….never mind the Christmas do hangover! Here at Thompson Towers, we are also thinking about the more practical side of Christmas……Winter!
We are expecting bad weather, we have been told this by headlines in the tabloids for months, so we need to prepare for it now. Here is my checklist for winter preparations;
📷Car – Pack emergency provisions including warm waterproof clothes, a torch, a shovel, wellies, water bottle and bars of chocolate. Make sure to keep that mobile fully charged before each journey.
📷Personal safety – Clear tracks, yards, driveways and paths with de-icing salt, buy some now and stockpile.
📷Buildings – Repair any roofs now, check for loose tiles and leaks in all sheds, barns and houses. Insulate your home now.
📷Water leaks – Fix and insulate dripping pipes now. Know where your stop valves are. Make sure you have a plumber on hand. A little trick for outside taps is to put a small bag of oats on the tap to insulate it too.
📷Crime – Rural crime is on the increase, install security lights now and CCTV (if you feel the need) to your property and premises. Also, think about installing tracking devices for expensive vehicles.

📷Vehicles – Make sure all vehicles are serviced for winter.

  • lights working.
  • engine oil topped up.
  • antifreeze to protect the cooling system and for the windscreen washers.
  • consider winter tyres.
  • is air con topped up? as this can help reduce condensation.
  • replace pollen filters to ensure fresh air flows.
  • ensure you have rubber floor mats.
  • invest in waterproof seat covers.
  • have a de-icer and scraper.
  • keep a tow rope and shovel in the cab.
  • ensure you have water, chocolate, blanket, first aid kit and a warning triangle.
I am sure there are many other top tips you can think of but these are our main ones. We have invested in a snow plough this year too, so if it all gets too much give us a call, we can shift that for you too!
Contact Brian here or call  01664 900044!



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