Spring Forward


spring forward

The Longer Days Mean There’s No Putting Off Your Maintenance Jobs

Spring is here and officially starts on Tuesday, 20th March this year in the northern hemisphere. The clocks will be also going forwards for daylight saving time (DST) on Sunday 25th March, which signals the start of British Summer Time (BST) and what the Americans call – Spring Forward!

You know you cannot keep making excuses for failing to do those essential maintenance jobs anymore, that are so important to keep your land in good order. The so-called ‘Beast From the East’ may have ravaged much of the UK in snow and ice in 2018, but there’s little doubt that Spring is now underway. That means getting out and assessing those outdoor jobs which have probably not been on your mind since the clocks last changed. What are those troublesome chores that have been building up outside while you were inside enjoying Christmas pudding and watching entire box sets because the great outdoors felt so unwelcoming?

Groundworks – The ice on the ground may have melted by the time the middle of Spring has arrived but it has probably left its mark on your driveway, track or patio. Ice tends to work its way into the cracks of asphalt, concrete or block paving and when it expands, it causes cracks to turn into potholes. Left unrepaired, potholes stop being a nuisance and start becoming a real headache. Get on with the essential groundworks chore of patching up potholes or replacing paving blocks on your patio or terrace that need them sooner rather than later before they expand and become even more unsightly.

When the ground gets hard in summer, excavation works become more labour intensive. Diggers work more efficiently when the ground is pliable. Therefore, if you need more drainage or to repair your existing drainage network, the Spring is the best time of year to do so. Another job that you might need diggers for in order to carry out excavation works is with new fencing. Properly installed fencing should have a solid foundation within the ground. As such, the best time to put up new posts for your fences is also around Easter. Putting off the job of excavating until summer will mean that you simply spend more energy doing it.

Planting – Probably the last thing that you did in your garden or other grounds in the Autumn of real significance was to clear up the leaves that had fallen. Before your trees, hedges and other larger plants start to get into their growing season once more and take light from the other planting you’d like to see becoming established, cut them back. Have this done before they emerge from their dormant phase when they take less kindly to pruning. Of course, after the last major frost, it is the right time to plant late flowering bulbs and bedding plants. Planting them now rather than later will mean that you get a much better display.

Want help identifying which jobs you need completing or perhaps you simply want a quotation from a friendly groundworks contractor? Call Brian today on 01664 900044!

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